Update Singapore PR details

22 05 2009

Do you know that we need to update our PR details at Singapore ICA after renewing Malaysia passport?

The purpose of updating is to transfer your PR status and details from your old passport number to you new passport number. As everytime when we renew the Malaysia passport, the passport number will be changed!!!

Dont worry!! Updating your PR details is done within 5 min only.!!

First, bring along both of your old and new passport to Level 5 at ICA at Lavender MRT station. (Level 5 is for PR service, Level 3 is for SG citizen service)

Second, take your Queue no and form from Information counter by showing your passports. No e-appointment is required!

Third, Wait for the number calling and pass your passports to the officer. They will print out the PR certificate to you in A4 size paper. No more chop in your passport!!! So everytime when u go back to Malaysia or go oversea, you must bring along this certificate!! 

For those who want to renew their Re-entry permit(REP), you may submit your application online via e-REP at http://www.ica.gov.sg/index.aspx with a singpass account.




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12 08 2009
Yi Ling


i just renew my msia passport…

that day when i used new passport to come in SG.. that officer (at sg custom) help me cop behind my passport and written down my SG IC No. And he told me no need to go ICA to update….

However, on the next day, when i try to use my passport to go through the access card gantry, it failed !!! I can use my passport to pass last time !

Then when i back to JB again, i went to manual counter. That officer told me, the systems is still recording my old passport number. I should update it ONLINE ! he said no need to go ICA…. I search through ICA web but didn’t get any useful information… any idea on it ??

Thanks !

13 08 2009

Hi Yiling,
I think u need to update your new passport no in SG in order to transfer your old passport details to new passport details.
Perhaps u may try to update online via E-REp (http://erep.ica.gov.sg/erep/index.do). Last time i went to ICA personally and update at the counter, but she told me actually i can do it online. Very fast..jz 5 minute. But it’s good if u can settle it online. Just try it!!;)


9 06 2010

Do you know if there is website link for update expiry of passport only?
tks in advance

17 06 2010

Hi Sandy,
I dont think there is any website to update passport online.

25 06 2010

Thanks for the tips. I have updated my new passport no at “http://erep.ica.gov.sg/erep/index.do” and it works fine.

10 07 2010

Thanks for sharing!!^_^

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