Tips to renew Malaysia Passport

16 05 2009

1. Things to prepare:

– 2 pcs  photos (measuring 3.5cm x 5.0 cm)

– 1 photocopy IC

– Old passport

– RM300 cash

2. Collect form from counter at ground floor of  Block B at Immigration Department Malaysia (Pejabat Imigresen Malaysia)

3. Submit the form and necessary documents to officer. Form is free. Application and payment is made through machine.

4.Steps to verify your personal details via machine.

– Insert your MYKAD and old passport

– Select your language

– Select your height

– Check all the information showing on the screen.

– Put on your thumb to verify.

– Insert cash one by one (only RM50 & RM100 is acceptable)

– Collect the receipt and your Mykad.

5. Passport processing time is 2 hours. You may wait at the Special service Counter (Perkhidmatan Khas Kaunter) at ground floor for new passport collection. Old passport will be returned to you at the same time.

* Operation time  of Imigration Department Johor is from Monday to Friday.

(7-30am – 1.00pm & 2.00 pm- 5.30pm)

* For new passport application, you need to buy the application form with RM1.00 at ground floor and take the Queue number after completing the forms and wait at level 1 of Block B. The proceesing time is longer than the renewal passport processing time.

* Taxi fares from City Square to Immigration Department Malaysia is RM7.00




11 responses

16 05 2009

Very useful tips! 🙂

25 08 2009

Thanks for sharing! 🙂

26 08 2009

Hi Michael, thanks for visiting my blog!!=)

27 08 2009
jia hong

how long we needed to wait to get the new passprot ?

28 08 2009

Hi Jiahong,
Once you submitted your application thru machine, the processing time is 2 hours. But u might need some waiting time for collection as they do not have queuing system at collection counter. Be patient to wait for them to call your name!!

8 11 2009

This is very useful. Came across this website. Thanks! 🙂

8 11 2009

Hi Weeleng, thanks;)

27 07 2010

Hi, am trying to get my passport renewed in Johor within the day. Could I check which Immigration Office that you went with the Kiosk, the Air Molek one? Tks!

27 07 2010

Yes. That’s the one. You can get your passport renewal done on the same day!

4 08 2010

Juz an update. There’s no more auto machine at the Molek immg (they realize the officers still need the job). Nevertheless, it’s still qte fast or I shld say efficient ( surprisingly). Photo can be taken at opposite bldg (RM12). Form is FOC. Can get fr grnd floor near left hand side staircase. queue no is there too. Submit form and payment on level one. Then wait for yr new passport at counter 20. All in less than ONE hour. Unbelievable!

26 09 2010

Dear Jun,
Thanks for your info!!=)

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